Alaska – Aug 26 – Second Travel Day

Even though the bed was comfortable and everything was quiet and really didn’t even hear the airplanes, I had another night of restless sleep. Fell asleep just fine but kept waking up. When I was sleeping, I was having very weird dreams. Probably from eating the pickled zucchini chips at dinner.

So, I got up at 4:00, an hour earlier than planned. Took my shower, got dressed, and made some coffee. Was just sitting there on the couch enjoying my coffee when I heard Chuck stirring around. He said I wass probably going to regret getting up so early with the time change to Seattle today. He was right. By 7:00 Seattle time (10:00 Atlanta time), I was beat.

We went down to the lobby for breakfast at a little after 6:00. There were already some people in there. The airport shuttle driver from yesterday afternoon is back this morning. Wonder how many hours a day he works.

The free breakfast offered was very good. I had fresh fruit, cottage cheese, bacon, raisin toast and coffee. The coffee was much better than the room coffee. I could have built a breakfast bowl with the scrambled eggs as a base. Apparently, they have different ingredients on different days for their breakfast bowls. Would be interesting to know what their California Dreaming breakfast bowl is.

Got to the airport in plenty of time. Shuttle service was fast and efficient and all the riders were going to Delta. TSA pre-check was pretty fast though I had to take the laptop out of my bag which I have not had to do in the past. Our gate was A gate this time so we could have walked from security but we took the train. We did walk from one end to the other in the concourse just because we are going to be sitting for 5 hours.

The flight left on time and was uneventful. I like the Delta Comfort seats. Little more leg room, decent snacks and free alcohol drinks. I watched Spielberg’s Ready Player One movie. I thought it was a very good movie. Was also able to watch a couple of episodes of Mom and The Middle. Next thing I knew we were touching down.

It was chillier than predicted in Seattle so my blue jean shirt felt good. We got our luggage and called the Sleep Inn hotel for a pickup. The room is nice: king bed, refrigerator, and comfy chair. Though it was only 2:00 in Seattle, my body said it was 5:00. I got the cruise luggage tags put on the bags for tomorrow.

We took an Uber to Wally’s Chowder House. We enjoyed it so much last year that I wanted to go back. They have the most beautiful baskets of petunias outside.  I had the New England clam chowder in a bread bowl with a side salad. Chuck had 3 Halibut fillets. Everything was as good as I remembered.

Back to the room to get clothes ready for tomorrow. Got the confirmation that Seattle Express will be picking us up at 10:45 in the morning.

Author: mmmtravelmemories

A retired college administrator who loves to travel. I write to remember the experiences and, I hope, to inspire others to make their own travel memories.

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