Alaska – Sept 6 – Cruising Hubbard Glacier

Chuck had a very late night of cards so he was sleeping hard when I got up at 7:00. I just got dressed and took my book upstairs and had a Latte and read until 8:00. It was looking to be a gorgeous day.

Got him up and at ‘em with coffee at 8:15. We were slow moving around this morning so we missed breakfast in the dining room but had a nice breakfast in the Lido. Seemed a lot of people were having a late morning.

However, now it is foggy and the Captain is sounding his fog horn. Big question – will we or won’t we get to see the Hubbard glacier?

We did. The fog lifted and it was again a gorgeous blue sky day. The sail into Yakut Bay was picture perfect cruising between what is known as the Roof of North America. The snow-covered mountain peaks were stunning.

As we came closer to the glacier, the temperature dropped considerably and the wind picked up. Many people were on the bow. More and more ice floats in the water but the Captain was able to pull up very close. Doubt that my pictures will do it justice.

The naturalist on board was able to narrate over the loudspeakers what we were seeing. Hubbard Glacier is the largest tidewater glacier in North America and the largest piedmont glacier in the world. It performed for us as we had a giant calving on the end. Unfortunately, it happened too fast for me to get video.

We did see a small two-man boat sail closer in but it was a good thing they were not nearer the calving section or they would have been swamped with the wave that came when the chunk hit the water. I noticed that they pulled farther away from the glacier after that calving incident.

Unlike Glacier Bay last year, I did not see any seals sleeping on the ice floats this time.
After soaking in hours of the beauty of the glacier, we were ready to come in to the warmth. I think because I’m still battling a nagging head cold and Chuck’s late night, we decided that a nap was in order.

Getting to the room we discovered an invitation to the Mariner’s Reception. Being invited to the reception is no big deal. Everyone who is a returning guest gets to go to the appreciation luncheon that they hold at the end of each cruise. Everyone gets a commemorative tile. I use them as coasters.

However, this invitation was different. It stated that we are to receive a bronze medallion due to our sailing days and we are to go to the Main Stage at 10:45 to receive them prior to the brunch. I have heard about the medallions but I had no idea we were close to receiving one. We get Mariner points for the numbers of days sailed plus the amount of onboard spending. However, medallions are supposed to be just for the number of days sailed. I have to wonder if they counted correctly.

We had a table for 2 at dinner tonight so the service was pretty fast. We both had the scallops which I thought were delicious. Lo and behold, carrot cake was on the dessert menu so we both ordered it with ice cream. No wonder our jeans are feeling tight. I don’t think the laundry service is shrinking them.

Chuck played a few hands of cards while I came back to the room to get my book. I thought about going back to the Explorer’s Lounge but opted to stay in the cabin. Don’t think people want to hear me blowing my nose.

There was a message on the machine from Guest Services checking to see if we received our invitation and would we be in attendance. I called them back and told the operator we would.

We missed the movie and live music “Wild Alaska” a few days ago (food coma from Pinnacle Grill) so we went to tonight’s 10:00 showing of “Planet Earth II” with live music. Very nice presentation.

Early night tonight as we have an 8:30 Holland America excursion tomorrow – Birds, Bears, and Barnacles – in Sitka. We will have room service breakfast. Unfortunately, the forecast tomorrow is for rain.

Tonight’s towel animal looks like a dinosaur but I am really not sure.

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A retired college administrator who loves to travel. I write to remember the experiences and, I hope, to inspire others to make their own travel memories.

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