PC – Day 5 – First Sea Day

Tuesday, November 6, 2018 – Sea Day

I woke up at 7:00 this morning (stupid time change). Walked out to the deck and the sun was already bright in the sky. Walked over the other side and I am going to assume that the island I saw was Cuba. It was large but that is all I can say for sure. Also saw another ship in the distance. Probably a cruise ship. Later today we are supposed to enter a channel that the Captain called the “sea highway.” It is very regulated and once you enter it, you have to be going in the same direction as the other ships on your side of the highway. Not sure how it is regulated. I have not seen any ships that have the bumper sticker “How’s My Driving? Call 1-800-BIG-BOAT”

I finished my Latte and got the clean laundry put away. With Chuck still asleep, I decided to go on for some breakfast and get some sun. Still talking about rain showers in the afternoon so I wanted to take advantage of the pretty day. Left Chuck a note and went to the Lido. As usual, it was crowded but I was able to find a seat. Had a bagel, some yogurt, and juice. I found a nice spot on the Sea View deck away from the smoking area and settled in with my book. A while later, Chuck came out and I went inside with him and had some fruit while he ate breakfast.

My chair was occupied when I got back but there were plenty of others. If it had been a Carnival ship, all the loungers would have been taken. I settled in with my book again but it wasn’t long before a lady one lounger away commented that she liked my ballet-type swim shoes. I thanked her and told her why I liked these instead of my heavier ones. For the next couple of hours, I found out about her travel interests and her health issues. I never got back to my book. Did watch a very tiny green bird (finch size) hopping around the deck. Woman said she thought it had been on since Ft. Lauderdale. Later I saw a dead one on a ledge near our cabin. I think it flew into a window. Also watched a hawk-like bird staying right with the ship. Never did see it dive for any fish.

We passed the island of Haiti. The sea was very calm. There were several long canoes with people in them sailing near the coast. I think I would be worried that the wake of the ship would capsize my canoe but it didn’t appear to worry any of them. The mountains were beautiful.

At noon, I decided I had had enough sun for the day and needed a shower. Wasn’t ready to get cleaned up for Gala evening but I didn’t want to walk around with all the sweat and sunscreen for the rest of the day either. Got my shower but just put on clean shorts and a t-shirt and a ballcap on my head. Met up with Chuck and went for some lunch in the Lido. Shared a table with another couple.

You just have to sit at an open seat in the Lido if you want to sit. Rarely are you going to find a private table. If you don’t go on and sit at an open seat, you will be circling the Lido until your food gets cold. Most people are fine with your sitting there.

Killed some time at the main pool area (in the shade) until it was time to go to the presentation regarding Aruba and Curacao. I used to avoid these presentations because I thought they were going to be hard sells on ship excursions. Went to one of them in Alaska and found out that they are really just informational. Since we don’t have anything planned for the next 2 ports, I wanted to see what was available. Believe we are going to take the free trolley ride around Oranjestad in Aruba and do some walking in Curacao. I would like to find places with free WIFI also if possible.

Before we left, the doctor had adjusted one of Chuck’s medication because his heart rate was too slow. But doing so, his blood pressure had started going back up. The doctor said to monitor it for a few days and if it remained high, to start taking his blood pressure medicine twice a day. The medical center opened at 3:00 so he went to get it checked. The nurse said that if she checked it and it was too high or too low, he would need to see the doctor and be charged for the visit. Since Chuck knew what needed to be done if it was still too high, she let him check his own without her presence. It was still high so he has started to take an extra BP pill at night.

While he was doing checking on his blood pressure, I was reading in the shade. Once he was finished, he went to the casino. I told him I would be getting ready for the evening around 5:00. I started getting sleepy so I went to the room for a nap. Set the alarm for 5:00 but Chuck got there about 4:45.

It was Gala night so Chuck put on his sport coat and I got out my blue/black dress. We had a drink in the Crow’s Nest. The comedian from the night before was at the bar. We talked with him a while. He is getting off of the ship in Curacao. Will be home for a while and then getting back on the Prinsendam to do a show. The dinner was very good. Chuck had the cracked peppercorn beef with shrimp. I had the yellowtail sole. We both had the shrimp cocktail. We skipped dessert.

We sat with a couple from Florida, a couple from Detroit (he was a speech pathology professor at University of Michigan), and a priest. Holland America offers Mass every morning and he was the priest who was hired to conduct the services on this cruise. He is retired from Pennsylvania and now lives in Florida and offers his services to cruise ships part-time. We had a nice evening. However, there was an announcement for a medical emergency at the Sea View deck. The priest said he hoped he would not be called. It has happened to him before. There was no more announcements.

Went to the first set of the BB King band. Only played one song that was suitable to dance – Midnight Train to Georgia. We enjoyed listening to the other songs. They have a wide selection. After that set, we went to the main stage area for the show – Zuiderdam Singers and Dancers performed “One World.” Had some interesting special effects and even had one dancer perform on the ropes like they do in Cirque du Soleil. I have found the shows performed by the ship singers and dancers to be a hit or miss (seen better high school musicals). This one was definitely a hit- very professional. I look forward to the other ones.

I called it an evening while Chuck went back to the casino. Instead of hitting the 10 button on the elevator, I pressed the 9. I don’t think I meant to hit the 9 but maybe my stomach was controlling my mind because I thought, well, as long as I am here, I might as well get a dessert to take to the room. I got some ice cream and a cookie. Once I got in bed, I tried to read but only got through a couple of pages before I fell asleep. Not sure what time Chuck got back to the room. Tonight’s towel animal is a question. I thought it was a frog. Chuck thought it might be a dog.

Tomorrow is Aruba. Approximately around noon, the location host is going to narrate as we sail into the Aruba port. The bow will be open but I think I will just be on the 10th deck near our room.


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A retired college administrator who loves to travel. I write to remember the experiences and, I hope, to inspire others to make their own travel memories.

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