PC – Day 8 – Second Sea Day

Friday, November 9, 2018 – Second Sea Day

It was almost 9:00 before we got up this morning. I got us coffee but we decided to skip breakfast as the Mariner’s Brunch would be starting at 11:00. The Mariner’s Brunch is a nice brunch served in the main dining room for those guests who have gone on at least one Carnival Corporation cruise (Holland America, Princess, Carnival, etc). As we were walking down the hall toward the dining room, there was the medallion ceremony being held in one of the conference rooms. We got our bronze medallion for 100 sea days on the 2018 Alaska cruise. The next medallion is the silver medallion for 300 days. Not sure that we will ever make 300 days. I am really envious of the people who have 500 sea days or more.

The menu has been pared down from previous years. You now have a choice between one soup and one salad and then a choice of 3 main dishes – beef, fish, or vegetarian. Your choice of dessert is either take what they serve or skip it. I had the gumbo, the vegetarian pasta dish, and the coconut cream pie. Chuck had the gumbo, the beef dish, and pie.

After the meal was over, Chuck and I went to the informational talk on the next two ports – Colon and Costa Rica. Of course, the talk centered a lot on what to expect at the Panama Canal tomorrow. The biggest take away for tomorrow is “be flexible.” They will have a schedule of “when” things are to happen – “when” we enter the locks, “when” we tender the excursions, “when” we get to Colon to pick people up from their excursions. However, since everything is controlled by the Panama Canal Authority – our “when” might not coincide with their “when” and since they control everything that happens with the locks – be flexible.

We had already decided not to take an excursion off the ship. Maybe we are not flexible. I just want to experience going through the locks. I don’t need to see the new locks, or float down a canal to possibly see some monkeys or alligators, etc. The location director kept saying that if we wanted to get off at Colon after we arrive, we needed to use our “discretion” about leaving the port area. All aboard would be 7:30 but we the arrival time is supposed to be 4:00 but “be flexible.” Ship personnel always warn you about being aware of your surroundings while in port but this warning seemed a little more ominous.

I already have Christmas ornaments from all the other ports but I wanted one for the Panama Canal and I wanted to see if they had free WIFI. I told Chuck I was getting off at Colon but I wouldn’t leave the shop area at the port. He said he was going with me.

We walked the ship promenade and then I got my book and found a spot in the shade to read until it was time to get ready for dinner while Chuck spent some time in the casino.

We sat with two very nice couples though I can’t remember where they were from, probably Florida. Chuck and I both had the salad and the coconut curry chicken.

Listened to the first set of the BB King band and then went to the show. Tonight, the show featured just the Zuiderdam dancers in a show called “Musicology.” Interesting concept. Each song represented a musical instrument and the performers interpreted the instrument through dance. I enjoyed the show but still liked the first one better.

Since tomorrow is a very early day as I want to get a spot on the bow for the sail in to the locks, I decided to call it a night. Chuck decided to call it a night also. We set our clocks back an hour which was nice. The towel animal for tonight is an elephant.

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