Monday, June 3 – Easy Embarkation

Slept fairly well last night even though I was excited about embarkation day. Got up around 6:30. Breakfast again very good. I had a pancake this morning. Don’t know how they can make them so thin.

Called for an Uber Black since we had large luggage and I knew an Uber X would be too small. Driver showed up in a Mercedes. Fancy 15 minute ride to the cruise terminal.

Young man met us at the car and took our luggage and pointed us in the direction of the escalators. We moved through both security and getting our key cards quickly. We were handed Group 5 and I asked what Group was boarding next? Group 4. We barely sat down and we were called to board. From the time he dropped us off to the time we boarded the ship – 15 minutes. Unbelievable.

As I mentioned the Prinsendam is an old ship – built in the early 80’s. We walked in our room and couldn’t believe the large size of it. Lots of wasted space. We could do ballroom dancing in the middle. They have learned from the past- smaller rooms mean more rooms.  More rooms mean more money. We also have a bathtub instead of a walk-in shower. Good and bad. Good if you like to take baths. Bad if you like to take showers and you have to step high over the tub and your head barely misses the ceiling. You also have to step up and down into the bathroom itself which can be dangerous, especially in the dark. Those issues have been eliminated in the newer ships.

I love the location. We are toward the back of the ship and we can step outside to an area that is almost like a private balcony (if you ignore the steps going to the upper and lower decks). We are right below the sea view pool so I hope it doesn’t spring a leak. If we were cruising the Caribbean I would be worried about the noise from people in the pool – not so much in the British Isles. We are on the same floor as the casino, the coffee shop, and the main showroom and only one floor above the main dining room. It is a very quiet room.

After eating a lunch in the main dining room which is always more relaxing than the Lido, we went to the Mariner’s Reception. I don’t know why we go. I keep thinking they are going to have speakers but all it turns out to be is that you greet some officers on the way in and then sit with a cheap glass of champagne and some appetizers and talk to other people. I did meet a very nice woman from Australia.

Our luggage had arrived so I had time before the mandatory safety drill to start unpacking. I had to stop to attend the drill and then finished once it was over. Everyone was on time and paid attention so it was over very quickly. The sail-away was beautiful. The day had started out dreary, drizzly, and cool. But the sun popped out and though it was breezy, it was beautiful. Since this sailing is the 2nd to the last one, the crew was having a group picture taken as a memento. I took the opportunity to take their picture also. Know they shed a few tears. Took us a long time to sail down the canal, through the lock, and out into the Channel. We were finishing dinner when we finally reached the Channel. I had the fig, walnut, and goat cheese salad and the eggplant parmigiana. Chuck had the tomato soup and the beef short rib s.

I was amazed at all the wind turbines – not only on land but big wind turbines out in the Channel. Certainly not the iconic windmills that you think of when you hear “The Netherlands”. I had also forgotten that we would see oil rigs but they were in abundance also.

Played a little blackjack after dinner but I didn’t have any luck and I was getting tired. I left Chuck who was on a hot streak and came on to the room. Tonight’s entertainment was the Welcome Aboard show and a movie – The Green Book so I didn’t feel I missed anything.

Tomorrow is a sea day so no alarm needs to be set. Tonight’s towel animal is a crab.

Staff Group Photo as a Good-bye to the Prinsendam
Ferry Port
One of Many Oil Rigs
Harnessing the Ocean Wind

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