Sunday, June 9 – Stay Calm and Cruise On

One thing about inside cabins that if you want to sleep, they are nice and dark. Most of the time they are quiet too but this one, we can hear the thrusters and anchor when we dock. I was shocked when I woke up and looked at the clock and it was after 8:00. After 4 mornings of getting up at 5:00 or 6:00, I guess I must have needed the sleep.

We got coffee from the Coffee Bar which was just a few steps down the hall from our room (Yay!). Decided to eat in the Lido since we would be having the Mariner’s Lunch at 1:00. Went outside and it was cool and looked like rain. Chuck decided to get in some hot tub time but I passed. I went back to the room and worked on my pictures and then got cleaned up for the reception and luncheon.

Once he got cleaned up, we met in the Showroom to drink free mimosas (not that good but better than the cheap champagne that is also handed out) and watch several cruisers get their bronze or silver medals. There were no gold or platinum medallion receivers today but there were several in the audience. Got my first look at the Captain. Very Dutch – very tall and very blonde.

We all headed to the back of the ship for the luncheon. We ran into the Dutch couple that we met on the Scrabster excursion. They wanted to share a table at lunch which was fine but she was in the midst of a full-blown cold. Nooooo! I flinched every time she coughed. The menu is limited to either soup or salad, beef, fish, or vegetarian, and a tart for dessert. Chuck and I each had the soup. He had the beef and I had the vegetarian. We also received the Holland America tiles (we use them as coasters) which are given out this luncheon. These tiles did have a picture of the Prinsendam on them instead of a just a generic Holland ship so that was nice. I know the people on board who are cruising her because they like the ship so much appreciated these tiles.

After the luncheon, Chuck went to get into the Blackjack tournament. He had one free entry ticket and then bought another for $20. Gives him two chances to make the finals. I don’t like to play in the Blackjack tournaments as you have to think about and watch what the other players bet. I end up playing regular Blackjack style and never place. I don’t mind Slot tournaments because all you have to do is hope you got a winning machine and press the button like crazy.

I got my book and found a nice comfy chair in the Coffee Bar lounge. Got another Latte and read for quite a while. This Coffee Bar lounge is usually very busy. People working on puzzles, reading, and/or playing board games. It also has a very nice library, but I didn’t see many people taking the hardback books. There have been complaints that HAL is reducing or removing the onboard libraries in their ships, but I am not surprised with the number of people that I see reading on tablets and/or paperbacks. I think they need to keep improving their Internet service more than stocking up on books.

I bought the Surf package for this trip which includes social media, emailing, and web-browsing. Most of the time the service has been pretty good but today it has been intermittent. I know satellite placement can be a problem on sea days but also there is a lot of use which affects the service. I like HAL’s app which reminds me of activities and lets me see the dining room menu. I should be able to see our account too but because this trip was booked under Chuck’s name, I can’t see the account. I would think when the two people in the same room have the same name, each person could see the total account. Chuck asked at Guest Services if they could fix it. They said they could but it would still only show my charges. Geez. Don’t bother. Chuck will continue to get print-outs (paper wasting – HAL) to keep track of the charges.

He has found some errors already. He has been charged for drinks that should have been covered by our Drink Package. Takes a trip to Guest Services but they have always gotten the charges removed.

We have been pleased with the laundry service. We have been sending out a bag at least every other day and it is always returned later that evening or the next day. All cleaned and pressed. So nice.

Time flew by and it was time to get ready for the second Gala night. I’ve seen a few long gowns and tuxes on this cruise but mostly it is suits for the men and dresses or pretty pants outfits for the men. We both had the crab cakes and the shrimp and steak dinner. Chuck thought his steak for tonight was much better than the one in the Pinnacle Grill.

Tonight’s show featured just the Prinsendam singers and it was called “Sessions”. The stage was made up to look like a sound studio and they did a number of songs from the 60’s and 70’s. They have good voices but I liked their first show better than this one.

Tomorrow is Dublin, our first port in Ireland. We are arriving at an industrial port so you cannot walk out of it. You have to have a transport. Holland America is offering round-trip shuttle service to downtown Dublin (for a fee of course) but the drop-off point seems far away from the Hop-on/Hop-off Bus station that we need. I am sure that cabs will be there too so we will probably just get one of those taxis. Ireland does not have Uber.

Glad I could relax today. Chuck is on the board as a possible contender for the tournament. There will be more chances for the rest of the trip so he will continue to check the board for his placement.

We have 6 port days in a row coming up and activities at each one. Whew.

Tonight’s towel animal is a puppy.


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