Sunday, June 16 – Packing is such Sweet Sorrow

The final sea day. No alarm clock. After 6 port days in a row, I was ready for a little rest before getting the packing done. We got up around 8:00, coffee from the Coffee Bar and then breakfast in the Lido. It was pretty crowded so I think everyone must have had the same idea.

It was a nice day with calm seas. Not hot but not as chilly as it has been either. Spent some time reading at the Sea View area. Had my only Bloody Mary this trip. Stayed out in the sunshine until it was time for lunch. We decided to get lunch at the Dive-In, HAL’s burger place at the Lido pool area.

Chuck had a burger and I had a hot dog. We each had their fries. I like this food as much as I like Guy’s burgers on the Carnival ships. Guy Fieri just has better promoters.

It is now time for Chuck to play in the last rounds of the big money blackjack tournament. I am going to watch a movie in the cabin and work on the packing. Since we have Monday and Tuesday in Amsterdam, we have organized our clothes for what we want to wear on those days plus what we are wearing on the plane home. All of our laundry is back so we have very little dirty clothes now. It is just a matter of getting the clothes in the bags and tagging them. We will keep our backpacks and carry-on luggage with us and have the ship take the big bags for pick-up tomorrow at the port.

I watched Spielberg’s Ready Player One. I had seen it before but enjoyed it again. I was finished with the packing before it was over so I worked on my photos until the movie was over. Chuck came back to the room just as the movie was finishing. He didn’t win the tournament but his friend, Miss Emily, took home the prize. He was happy for her.

We went outside to the Sea View and met up with another couple that we had met who were also traveling with his Mom. We had played trivia with them before and Chuck had gambled at the same table with him several times. We ate dinner together in the main dining room. We exchanged contact information. Hopefully, we can sail with them again some time.

After dinner, we went to “Concerto” presented by the Prinsendam singers and dancers. They did a variety of songs. They really are a talented group of people. I wonder if they will get to stay together on another ship or will go their separate ways after the last voyage of the Prinsendam. We have talked with a number of staff and some of them know what ships they will transfer to and some will not know until after their vacation is over. I’d hate to be in the second group.

If docking and ship clearance all goes well tomorrow, our group will be called around 9:00 to disembark. The first group will start disembarking at 7:30. They are the ones that don’t have to have help with their luggage and either want to get home early or have early flights.

Tonight’s final towel animal is a lobster.

Ship Trivia –

Officers and Crew – 449

Nationalities of Crew – 32

View from the Sea View. Saying Good-bye to Scotland-Ireland

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A retired college administrator who loves to travel. I write to remember the experiences and, I hope, to inspire others to make their own travel memories.

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