Caribbean: San Juan, Puerto Rico

Thursday, October 28, 2021

By the time we woke up at 8:00, we had already docked and I assume people had gotten off the ship. The port time today is 7:00 – 2:30. Since we have seen Old San Juan, the forts, and the rainforest, we had no plans to get off the ship.

My hand throbbed all last night despite taking two ibuprofen. As I was adjusting the lounger yesterday, it got away from me and hit my right hand just below the thumb with a sharp smack. It stung but I didn’t think much of it. However, as the day went on, it was sore. I woke up several times with it hurting. It looks slightly swollen and it appears to be bruised. I don’t think anything is broken as I can still move the fingers. I put some BioFreeze on it. I hope it helps.

Today was pretty much a repeat of yesterday. Breakfast and lunch at the Lido with pool time in between. The Carnival app said that tonight was our second elegant night so I wore my black slacks and a nice tunic-type blouse. Chuck had the filet mignon and I had the broiled shrimp. The waiter decided that Chuck didn’t get enough to eat so he brought him a plate of shrimp. Chuck doesn’t waste food so we split that plate. We have got to tell the waiters not to bring extra food. Tonight is not the first time they have tried to bring him extra food.

For being a Platinum member, I received my complimentary plate of Chocolate Delight today. Actually, they delivered two plates and I thought I might get charged for one but it was too late. They were already in my room. The plates contained chocolate covered strawberries, dark chocolate nuggets, and miniature macarons. Everything was excellent.

We went to the Casino to play the Pig slot machine. It is a fun machine watching the Piggy Bank get fatter and fatter and hoping it will bust. However, when it does bust, we never seem to get the prize money bigger than the $10 – $12 mini prize. Sure would love to get the $10,000 winner. We’ve been luckier with the free spin option that we get every now and then.

We went to the late show in the Showtime Lounge called 88 Keys. The pre-show featured the piano bar entertainer – Brad. He was really playing that piano well and belting out songs. Then the entertainers came out. You could tell they only mimicked playing the piano as they performed songs. The songs were mostly Elton John, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Billy Joel. We’ve seen this show before but they updated it so there were some new features. At the very end, Brad came back out and they got the audience involved in the song Tootie Fruitie. They are a talented group of entertainers.

Tonight, the Comedy Club featured two new comics that I believe boarded in St. Thomas. I thought they were funnier than the other two. Prior to the show, the emcee asked the audience to tell him a dirty joke. The best joke as decided by the audience would win a prize. Chuck told his whale joke. It got the biggest laughs so he won the prize. He wore his medal proudly.

After the Comedy show, we called it a night. The towel animal tonight is a frog.

Author: mmmtravelmemories

A retired college administrator who loves to travel. I write to remember the experiences and, I hope, to inspire others to make their own travel memories.

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