Caribbean: Second Sea Day

Monday, October 25, 2021

This morning was a repeat of Sunday. Coffee from the coffee bar and then the Sea Day Brunch. We walked two miles around the jogging track but then negated that walk by having two drinks at the bar.

I got too much sun on Sunday so I went in early today and prepped our snorkel gear for our trip in St. Martin tomorrow.

I went to the photography counter and picked up my very first Platinum status gift – a Carnival lanyard and pin. I guess they direct you there instead of Guest Services as that counter is always so busy.

We then went to the Platinum/Diamond status party in the Showtime Lounge. There were a lot of people who have reached this status. The youngest was 12 years old. The oldest was someone in his 80’s. We watched a film about the Carnival ships and cheered for the ships we have sailed. One of the Carnival guitarists played music and sang.

The waiters kept bringing any drinks that you wanted. They did not count against our drink package allotment. Lots of people stayed to the bitter end until they had to be shooed out with drinks in both hands. They probably would have balanced one on their heads if they could have.

We went to the Alchemy Bar area and danced until it was time for dinner. The Halloween party is tonight so people were starting to dress up in costume. This is the first year we decided not to bring our costumes. We just weren’t sure with all the COVID protocols what kind of Halloween party/contest they would be having.

We sat in a different section of the dining room for dinner tonight. With Anytime Dining, after you check-in on the app, you get the first table available. I’m not sure how you request a section and I don’t know that I would want to wait a long time for a particular section. Our wait team was very efficient and friendly. The lead team leader was JaJo.

Tonight’s entertainment in the Showtime Lounge was The Love and Marriage Game and Battle of the Sexes. I have seen these shows numerous times. Since we have an early excursion tomorrow, I decided to call it a night and Chuck went to the Casino.

Tonight’s towel animal is a rhinoceros.

Author: mmmtravelmemories

A retired college administrator who loves to travel. I write to remember the experiences and, I hope, to inspire others to make their own travel memories.

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