Hawaii/South Pacific: Sea Day #9

Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Before the Gala dinner, we played some Wonder Woman slots again. Chuck hit a big win. Nice way to start the evening. Then, while we listened to the Dance Band, we used our coupons for the special Mariner Cocktail – tasted like a weird glass of champagne.

I was right when I predicted that the main dining room would be crowded. Biggest crowd yet. I wasn’t surprised as HAL had lobster tail on the menu. Lobster is usually an upcharge so when people can get it free – stampede!

We shared a table with travelers we’ve eaten with before – couple from San Diego and the solo traveler from Arizona.

I tried escargot for the first time in my life. The San Diego couple convinced me to give it a whirl and if I didn’t like the first one, he’d finish them for me. I admit – they weren’t terrible. I ate them all.

For the main course, we all had the beef tenderloin and lobster tail except for one who had the lamb shank. The steak and lobster tail were delicious except that I got a huge piece of tenderloin that I couldn’t finish. Felt bad for wasting that good piece of meat.

Then the waiter and the other couples said I had to try the crème Brulé. I should not have let them talk me into it since I couldn’t finish my meal. But I did. Turns out – not a fan. The others said not to judge all crème Brulé on the ones served tonight. They said the consistency was too runny. I just know I didn’t care for it.

Internet is still so poor. All my phone photos are in a queue trying to upload. Sometimes I forget how spoiled I am with our home Internet speed.

After dinner, we listened to the Dance Band and then went to comedian Martin Beaumont’s second show. Just as funny as the first one.

We came back to the room and we had another towel animal and two HAL pillow chocolates.

We also had a note from King Neptune indicating he is giving us safe passage into the Southern Hemisphere. We will have his homage ceremony at a later date.

The stewards took the other bag of laundry but the first bag is not yet back. Maybe it will come soon.

Unfortunately, Chuck was the one to have a restless night last night. I think it was the two-hour nap he took yesterday afternoon.

It was cloudy when we woke up. Decided to eat in the main dining room for a change of pace. We sat with a couple from England and a couple from southern California. I had the Swedish pancakes. They look and taste like crepes to me. They were very good – filled with cream and big blackberries with blackberry compote on top. Chuck ordered the egg, diced ham, and diced potato skillet – said it had a southwestern flavor.

I sat on the balcony and read while Chuck played some slots until it was time for the presentation about exploring French Polynesia by Kainoa, the Hawaiian ambassador. He has cousins on some of the islands, so he was able to tell some personal stories as well as give pertinent information about the islands.

We have excursions planned on the majority of the islands so our days are pretty filled but we may have some free time to just look around. I think Chuck got worried when I perked up at the part about the beautiful black pearls that are for sale. I usually just buy Christmas tree ornaments as souvenirs but I may have to make an exception this trip.

Decided to make it a main dining room kind of day and made our way back to it for lunch. I had the grilled shrimp with roasted cauliflower and Chuck had the Reuben sandwich. Both were very good.

Laundry from the other day was delivered so I got it put away. Still waiting for the second bag.

Sun had come out so I had more veranda time while Chuck played some 3-card poker. I’ve now finished two books for this trip. I am thankful for my Kindle as I would hate to lug even paperbacks around and HAL has really downsized their onboard libraries. Of course, if I had forgotten the Kindle charger, I would wish I had a paperback.

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A retired college administrator who loves to travel. I write to remember the experiences and, I hope, to inspire others to make their own travel memories.

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