Hawaii/South Pacific: Sea Day #12

Thursday, March 24, 2022

It was a fun sail-away on the Sea View Deck until a sudden shower tried to drench us. Didn’t get us but it soaked the swimwear that I had drying on the balcony. Glad I have extra.

The Captain even pointed out a water spout in the distance.

No Dance Band tonight so we had some slot-playing time. Tonight was dinner for two. We each had the same dinner choices – Quinoa and Pomegranate appetizer, red bean soup, and beef bourguignon. Chuck said he could make it at home – it’s just beef stew with wine but he doesn’t want to waste his wine in the crockpot. Okay.

We went to the first set of BB King band but after such a hard day snorkeling, I hit a wall. I went to the room and never heard Chuck come in from the Casino I was sleeping so hard.

We had to set the clock forward 30 minutes to match the Marquesas Island standard time. Had a hard time getting my phone and Fitbit watch to cooperate.

Being a sea day, we had little on the agenda. Morning coffee from Explorations Café. Breakfast in the Lido. I spent time relaxing by the pool, getting some smaller denomination bills at Guest Services, and processing some of my snorkel pictures from the underwater camera.

Chuck told me while he was relaxing on the balcony, a window washer came through the partition from the next-door balcony. The washer was busy scrubbing the windows on the deck below and didn’t see Chuck sitting there. When Chuck said “hello”, the washer jumped 3 feet into the air. Glad he didn’t go over the railing. The washer apologized for interrupting Chuck and said they had not gotten finished the other day when the notice went out. Didn’t bother Chuck. He was glad to have someone to talk with.

After lunch and some more pool time, we tried to get back into the Cabin. Neither of our key cards worked. A trip to Guest Services – new keys. Back to the room. Nope. Another trip back to Guest Services. This time a representative from Guest Services came with us. Guess he thought we had suddenly forgotten how to use the key cards to get in our room.

He inserted the new keys. Nope. He let us in with his master key card. He went back to Guest Services with the key cards. Came back a little later with yet another set of key cards. Success! Chuck and I both had him wait while we tried the keys too – just to be sure. They worked. Hope they keep working.

After the key card incident, we needed to get ready for the evening. It’s another Gala night.

Author: mmmtravelmemories

A retired college administrator who loves to travel. I write to remember the experiences and, I hope, to inspire others to make their own travel memories.

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