Hawaii/South Pacific: Sea Day #18

Friday, April 1, 2022 – April Fool’s Day!

After listening to Pete’s first set which was early afternoon, we went to the Sea View. Wasn’t as windy as it was earlier that day. We chatted with people until time for our Canaletto reservation.

On this ship, a separate area in the Lido restaurant is dedicated to the Canaletto. During the day, it is part of the Lido restaurant. At night, they put tablecloths on the tables and a nice table setting. They cook the meals in an area of the Lido buffet set aside each night for the restaurant.

Chuck had the antipasto plate and lasagna. I had the minestrone soup and the spaghetti with clams and shrimp. For dessert, we each had a small scoop of vanilla gelato with chocolate sauce and espresso poured around it. All of the food was very good, and the service was excellent.

We went to the first set of the BB King band, and we wanted a good seat to the HAL Orange Party. Orange is the color of the Netherlands and on each voyage, HAL has a party honoring its heritage. You are supposed to wear something orange. I had a scarf with orange in it and Chuck had a shirt.

Ian came in about 8:45 to get the party started. The BB King band started playing at 9:00. Then the Bar Hop group got there and the dance floor was packed. Most people in here that I’ve seen all cruise. Everyone stayed until they finished their last set at 11:00.

We had to set the clocks forward another hour, so we didn’t get up until 8:00. I went for coffee and then pulled a great prank on Chuck. I had the disembarkation papers in my hand and told him that there was a problem with the azipods and we would be back in San Diego a day early and we had to get off the ship. I had him going until he wanted to actually read the letter I was holding. April Fools!

There were lots of silly jokes around the ship including today’s When and Where.

Gym and mile around the promenade again. It has really started getting chilly again and we have started wearing jackets outside.

At 2:30, we went to the Crew Talent Show. In the past, the show has been presented late at night and been sparsely attended. Today, the room was packed. It was Standing Room Only.

People from all different departments showcased their talents – singing, dancing, or instrument-playing. We were told all who wanted to participate had to audition and, if selected, attend formal rehearsals, and practice – all during their time off which they don’t get much. They were amazing. Very talented. I hope they keep doing these shows in the afternoon.

Author: mmmtravelmemories

A retired college administrator who loves to travel. I write to remember the experiences and, I hope, to inspire others to make their own travel memories.

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