VOV: Sea Day #5

Thursday, July 21, 2022

The dreaded notification – the card that tells us that we move our clocks forward another hour tonight – was on the bed again. Ugh!

At least we had a Canaletto dinner to make us forget this unpleasant upcoming event. The Canaletto, an Italian restaurant, is the other upcharge restaurant on the Zaandam. Our package included one free dinner at the Pinnacle Grill and one free dinner at the Canaletto.

In regard to the itchy bites, cortisone cream worked wonders.

As far as the dinner reservation being on the wrong night, we could have shown them the printed written confirmation for August 6th and skipped tonight, but we were hungry since lunch had consisted of a couple of cookies and hot chocolate.

We were so hungry, in fact, that I forgot to take any picture of dinner except my Langoustine tomato soup. I’ve never had soup with mussel shells, clam shells, and shrimp heads in it.

Chuck had the veal and sage meatballs. We split an order of lump crab risotto. He had the beef short ribs gnocchi, and I had the vegetarian pesto pasta. We split some gelato for dessert.

We did not make it to the concert pianist performance. I went back to the room and read, and Chuck went to the Casino. I didn’t make it past the first few pages and never heard him come in.

Woke up and looked at my Fitbit and it read 7:30. Good for me – getting up early! Then I looked at my battery-powered alarm clock that I had reset the night before. It was actually 8:30. Oh, good grief – stupid time change.

We had a late Lido breakfast, so I skipped lunch and spent some time typing up some of my travel notes. Chuck went to the casino and the pool.

I went to see a new speaker, James Fletcher, at 1:00. His topic “The Universe is Stranger than You Know.” He had spectacular pictures from the Webb and Hubbard telescopes. With new telescopes, we can now see 2 trillion galaxies. He said also that we have not been visited by Aliens because our radio waves do not go far enough into the universe for us to be discovered. (Don’t tell the History Channel that because all its popular shows will tank.) He followed up his talk with a Q/A session.

At 3:00, there was a port talk by Glen-Michael, the Cruise & Travel Director. He gave us some basic information – weather, currency, things to see on our own – for the upcoming ports of Alesund, Bergen, and Rotterdam.

Met up with Chuck after the port talk to get ready for the evening’s activities.

Author: mmmtravelmemories

A retired college administrator who loves to travel. I write to remember the experiences and, I hope, to inspire others to make their own travel memories.

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