SA: Scenic Cruising – Chilean Fjords

Sunday, January 16, 2023

Chuck convinced me that it was too early to stay in for the evening so off we went. We ended up staying out late enjoying the Ocean Bar, the Rolling Stone Lounge, and the Casino. Good times.

I woke up at 7:30 and was expecting to be in the fjords but we were still out to sea. Our morning was again coffee from the Coffee Bar and a main dining room breakfast.

Coffee Bar

While we were eating breakfast, I spotted a whale, but I couldn’t get a photo of it. We soon entered the fjords. Honestly, I just didn’t think the scenery in these fjords was as impressive as the Prins Christian Sund we saw in Greenland. It didn’t help that one minute it would be sunny and then the next minute – foggy and misty.

I missed the presentation on the fjords, but I did make it to the Antarctica presentation. It is getting harder and harder to find a decent seat unless you get there more than 30 minutes early. They are even broadcasting the presentations to the Rolling Stone Lounge screens to help with the crowding. I wish they would broadcast them into the rooms or record them for later viewing.

After a snack of fruit and cheese for lunch, I spent the afternoon processing photos. The Captain came on the PA and said that rough waters were expected tonight so be careful walking around the ship and secure all breakables. That doesn’t sound good. Time to get ready for the evening and take an extra Bonine as a precaution.

Travel Trivia

Chilean Fjords

A fjord is a long, narrow, deep inlet of the sea between steep slopes, especially one shaped by glacial action.

The earliest known inhabitants of the fjords and channels are, from north to south, the Chono, Alacalufe and Yaghan. All of whom shared a lifestyle as canoe-faring hunter-gatherers.

During colonial times, the fjords and channels of Patagonia were first explored by the Spaniards. There motivations for their explorations were a desire to Christianize indigenous peoples, to prevent intrusions of any foreign power into territory claimed by Spain, to increase geographic knowledge of the zone, and finally, to search for a mythical city called City of the Caesars – a city supposedly rich with gold and diamonds, and with inhabitants described as giants.

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