SA: Montevideo, Uruguay (part 2)

Tuesday, January 31, 2023

When we arrived back to the room, we had received our disembarkation tags and instructions about the tour we would be on that morning. They had not given me enough luggage tags as I like to put two on each large piece of luggage in case one comes off during the handling. I went straight to Guest Services to get more tags because I knew if I waited until Buenos Aires and people started looking at their statement, there would be long lines again.

Your statement is always available on the phone app and on the interactive TV. HAL doesn’t give out a paper statement anymore unless you go to Guest Services and request one. There are still a lot of people who wanted that printed copy. I like to keep up with the statement as we progress with the trip and take care of any issue immediately instead of waiting until the end. The app and TV help me keep track easily. At the end of the cruise, the statement is available as a PDF document if I wanted to print it when I got home.

Getting the luggage tags just reminded me that there is more packing to do after lunch. Ugh. The large bags will have to be ready to go out for pick-up tomorrow night. I’ll also send out one carry-on. We’ll keep one carry-on and our backpacks to take on the tour bus that Thursday morning.

We went to the Lido for lunch and noticed that it was sponsoring another themed night tonight – Asado de Montevideo (Montevideo Barbeque). We decided that we would eat here for dinner.

After some packing, I met up with Chuck on the Sea View deck. He was chatting with his poker buddies. We had all decided to eat in the Lido, so we got a large table for us all. While I was out on the deck, I snapped a photo of the ship graveyard (big controversy in Uruguay about what to do with and who is going to pay for all the abandoned boats), and the Costa ship we were docked by.

Quite a few people selected this theme dinner tonight. It’s usually not that busy in here around 7:00 but it was tonight. Since we were at a big table, I was seated too far away from Chuck to get a photo of his dinner, but I had selected the chorizo sausage and the morcilla sausage with the grilled zucchini, red peppers and rice with melted provolone cheese. Enjoyed it all.

Because we are docking in Buenos Aires overnight tomorrow, tonight is the last night for the Casino to be open. The gang was anxious to get to the tables. However, Chuck had agreed to go with me to tonight’s show: “Pampas Devils Gauchos” – Fiery Horsemen of the Plains

Kevin the Cruise Director

Two women and one man put on a very good show of tango and other rhythmic dancing. During one segment they swirled two wooden balls on long whips so fast, you lost sight of the balls. All you could hear was the clacking on the balls as they hit the floor. How they managed not to knock themselves out is a testament to their talent.

Sweet Tango
Spicy Tango
Can you see the whips he is holding? – just a blur

Before he left for the Casino, Chuck got his photo made with the group.

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