SA: Traveling Home

Thursday & Friday, February 2 & 3, 2023

The representatives started setting up about 4:30 and put out the signs for Priority and General boarding. A number of people jumped up and got in line. We should have. Two big independent tour groups showed up and got in line before we did. The line moved very slowly.

Once we got to the first station, we had tell the representative when we entered Argentina and where did we visit. We actually entered Argentina when we got to Ushuaia but everyone was giving the date of when we got to Buenos Aires so that is the date we gave. I’m glad she didn’t make us list everywhere we went in Buenos Aires. We just said we took a city tour and a canal boat ride.

We were then allowed to go to the desk to check our luggage. We noticed that the luggage conveyor belt was not running. The clerk said it was not working but not to worry, our luggage would get on the plane. Sigh.

We then went to a room that had several immigration officers. You had to wait until a number flashed on the screen to let you know which officer you could see. Not all of the cubicles were even staffed. We waited and waited to be assigned an officer. Finally realized that the computers were re-booting. They had experienced a system failure. First a conveyor belt and now this. Ugh.

We then had to go through security. You didn’t have to take off your shoes or take your computer out of your bag.

We were finally able to go to the gate. We had time to get a beer at the cafe.

However, it wasn’t long before it was time to board. They did not have the overhead screens. There were people holding up signs: Delta One, Priority, Main 1, etc, and you lined up in front of them. Then, you had to put your carry-ons on tables as people rifled through them and wanted to see your passport again. Since you had to send your carry-ons through the security x-ray and we showed our passports multiple times, I’m not sure why this extra step.

When Chuck stepped up to the table, he discovered he had been selected for a random detailed screening. Oh, yay! He had to take his shoes off. He had his hands and pockets swabbed. He was then allowed to get on the plane.

I was really surprised that with all the lines, waiting, and extra screening that the plane actually took off on time.

We had two seats together on this flight. We were served dinner not long after take-off. I had the pasta dish and Chuck had the chicken dish. We watched a couple of movies. We slept off and on but of course it was not a restful sleep.

We were given a breakfast sandwich about an hour before we landed. Once we landed, we had a brief stop in customs where our passports were checked, and we were asked if we brought alcohol or cigarettes. We got our luggage quickly, got our jackets out of the carry-ons since we came from 85 degrees to 35 degrees, and caught the airport shuttle to the domestic terminal.

I had already gotten a text that our shuttle ride to home would not be there at 7:15 but would arrive at 8:15. I got us some coffee at the airport Dunkin Donut, and we waited at the pick-up point. We talked with a couple who had been on the cruise and the flight. They were waiting for their shuttle to Auburn. Learned they had signed up for the 2024 World Cruise. Exciting.

The shuttle was on time, so we were home by noon. I was glad the car started okay since it had been sitting out in the cold for all this time.

We were happy that all was well with our cat and our house. The laundry and the grocery shopping could wait until later.

So, the voyage may be at an end, but the memories are forever.

Until next time –

“Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.” ~ Jennifer Lee

Author: mmmtravelmemories

A retired college administrator who loves to travel. I write to remember the experiences and, I hope, to inspire others to make their own travel memories.

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