VOV: Akureyri, Iceland

Tuesday, August 2, 2022

The Captain soon came on the sound system and made his evening announcements. He reported that there were two passengers, not one, who needed to go by ambulance this morning. He, of course, did not say what their conditions were but he did say they did both make it to the hospital.

His next announcement was that we would cross the Arctic Circle tonight as we sailed to our next port. I hope we get a certificate of crossing.

And his third announcement was that the COVID numbers are trending downward. He’ll be having a conversation with the corporate medical team about our mask protocols – going back to masks recommended rather than masks required.

The sail-away took place at 5:45. We passed a marker in the Fjord where an English oil tanker was sunk by the Germans in WWII. They still keep it contained because every now and then some oil will leak out.

From our balcony, we could see some really large jellyfish. I just didn’t know jellyfish were prevalent in cold water.

We went to dinner in the main dining room. We both had the turkey and dressing. I guess I was hungrier than I thought because I forgot to take a photo. We also made the mistake of ordering dessert because it was carrot cake. We ended up bringing it back to the room to eat later.

The Ocean Bar band had the night off and I didn’t really care to see the comedian again. Chuck went to the Casino. I decided to download my photos from today – over 600 (I really went overboard on the Puffins 😍).

Breakfast was delivered at 6:30. We were on a private excursion today so we walked off the ship before the all-clear announcement because we did not want to be the last ones on the van this time.

The name of the tour company was No17. They describe themselves as a small, family-owned travel agency. They provided a 20-seat passenger van and there were 18 of us. I thought the seats were a little more comfortable than the van we had in Reykjavik. The name of the tour was Three Waterfalls and Horses. The tour description:

This 6-hour tour takes you to the three most beautiful waterfalls in the river Skjálfandafljóti and visits Icelandic horses. The three waterfalls are

Goðafoss and its history,

Aldeyjarfoss with all the beauty of columnar basalt and amazing view.

Hrafnarbjargarfoss in the highland east of Akureyri.

We had an English-speaking guide who we could hear very well until his mic went out. Luckily, during our first stop, he was able to get it fixed.

Our first stop was Godafoss. There was a nice path toward the waterfall. It was a popular place with tour groups as the area was very crowded. There was even a group of Auburn Tiger fans that were having their picture made in front of the waterfall with an Auburn banner. Chuck could not help himself. He had to yell “Go Dawgs” as they were getting the picture. One of them said “there is always one.” Really, what are the odds that SEC rivals find each other in Iceland? This stop was also our restroom stop.

I thought the next stop was the most unusual waterfall with its balsalt columns – Aldeyjarfoss. I didn’t go as close as some of the people because the path down to the best viewing area was very steep and rocky and had no railing to hold on.

I was very worried about the drive over to the last waterfall – Hrafnarbjargarfoss -because we were going over a very rocky road and you could hear the rocks hitting under the van. I worried that we’d get a hole or a tire would blow. It was a very rocky and slick edge to see the waterfall too. The guide pointed out all the volcanic ash mounds all around.

Our last stop was a horse farm. We were allowed to walk into the field with the horses. They paid little attention to us as they were busy eating. We had to pay attention where we were stepping because where there are horses, there is **.

This farm specialized in multi-day horse rides/camping. One group came in while we were there. When the horses were allowed into the field, they rolled around in the dirt and grass, so glad to get the saddles and riders off of them.

This was also a restroom stop and we were given some coffee and cookies at this stop. I was glad for the cookies since there was no lunch stop. We also got to pet the other farm animals.

I’m not giving you my chair
Nope – Keep moving
The cats are mean to me.

I would recommend this company and tour, but you definitely want to wear sturdy shoes and have good balance walking over rocky and slick paths. You may want to bring snacks also.

Once we got back to the ship, we headed for the Lido for a salad. Afterwards, I got a bag of laundry together to send out.

Then I completed another ArriveCanada application in anticipation of our arrival to St. Anthony’s in a few days. Once I received our code, I completed the paperwork and took it all to Guest Services. I was glad to get that chore done.

Time for the sail-away.


Travel Trivia

Akureyri, Iceland

Pronunciation: AH-ku-ray-ree

The first mention of Akureyri is in court records from 1562 when a woman was sentenced there for adultery.

Lake Mývatn (pronounced: My-vah-tin) is the filming location of the Game of Thrones’ ‘beyond the Wall’ scenes.

Location of the northernmost botanical gardens in the world.

Home of the most ski slopes in Iceland.

Has one of the largest libraries in the country.

The landmark here is the town church where most of the beautiful windows are in fact from the cathedral of Coventry in England and moved here before World War II to save them from damage. But then somebody forgot to return them.

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