SA: Port Stanley, Falkland Islands

Thursday, January 26, 2023

Prior to dinner, we had another table shuffleboard match. The score is now 4 – 3. Chuck is in the lead. I cannot let this situation stand. Another match will happen before the end of he cruise. Once he stopped bragging about being in the lead šŸ˜, we played some slots and went to a late dinner in the Lido.

I got some pasta and a salad. Chuck had some red snapper, pulled pork and grilled Brussel sprouts.

Went to the main stage for Toni Warneā€™s 9:00 show. She is an excellent British vocalist who sang songs from Dolly Parton, Gladys Knight, Whitney Houston, and Barbra Streisand to name a few. When she came on stage, I realized we had seen her before on a previous ship. I am glad we attended her show.

When the show was over, we were able to get some photos of members of the Rolling Stone Lounge band members who had the evening off.

After the photo session, we called it a night. Hoping for an early day ashore tomorrow.

We ordered room service for breakfast which was a first for us this cruise. I know we will need to order it a couple of more times before this cruise ends (in one week from today). šŸ˜„ It was delivered about 15 minutes after the order time and he apologized for the delay, but I am sure they were slammed with people taking early tours and wanting an early breakfast. We only received one set of tableware, but I was able to make-do with a spoon since I had only ordered cereal and a fruit plate.

I am happy to report that Guest Services was correct about the tender process. Security checked our key cards to be sure we were 4-star mariners and let us go on to the tender platform.

Took a while for the tender to fill up and then it was about a 20-minute ride to the dock. It was one of those floating docks so the movement of it was a little unnerving, but we had made it to the Falklands!

The port area was busy as there was also a Norwegian cruise ship that was tendering in and another expedition-type ship that was bringing its guests ashore by zodiac.

As Kevin said in his port talk, all of the main attractions were to the right once you left the port area. The first one we came to that was open was the Christ Church Cathedral. It is the southernmost AnglicanĀ cathedralĀ in the world. It is the parish church of the Falkland Islands,Ā South GeorgiaĀ and theĀ British Antarctic Territories.

Adjacent to the cathedral is the Whalebone Arch, constructed in 1933 from the jawbones of two blue whales to commemorate the centenary of continuous British administration in the Falklands.

There were a number of war memorials.

We walked through one of the local stores. Chuck calculated that the prices were about double of what we pay at home. Of course, they have to import most everything.

We wanted to go to the Museum, but it had not yet opened.

The local police force was out keeping an eye on the crowds and answering questions. Easy to spot their vehicle.

We had walked as far as we wanted to go so we headed back to the port area. We were still too early for the tour, so we decided to walk to the left of the port area along the cove into the more residential area.

Because it was so much quieter on this side, there were more birds to be seen.

I really enjoyed watching the geese take off from the park area and land in the cove.

It was time to head back to the port area and meet up with the tour group. I was very excited about this tour – more penguins!

Flowers of Port Stanley

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