SA: Fourth Sea Day

Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Once I woke up from my nap, I went to find Chuck. He was in the middle of a hot poker game. Not wanting to interrupt a winning streak, I went over to the Piano Bar venue to order a drink and listen to some music.

HAL calls this area now Billboard Onboard and there are usually two piano players/singers performing. Typically, this area is very crowded in the evenings with many people in the audience singing along. At this time of the evening, the music was just piped in.

HAL’s Bloody Mary is always a work of art

Once the poker game broke up, we went to the main dining room for dinner. We were seated at a table for six tonight. The service was a bit chaotic. Nobody at our table got the correct appetizer. After the 3rd person said, “that’s not what I ordered – we just all started laughing.” I know the poor server was flustered. I just think they put the wrong table number on the tray. They brought out another tray of plates and all was correct.

Chuck and I each ordered the veal cordon bleu. He really enjoyed his. I thought mine was a little tough and chewy.

We played some slots until it was time for Daniel Ka’s second magic show of the cruise. I thought it was better than the first show.

After his show was over, we went to the last two sets of the Rolling Stone Lounge band. It was after midnight and was dark. We are moving north.

I slept later than usual and woke up to sunny skies and calmer seas. While I drank my coffee, I watched the Captain’s video discussing the predicted weather and wave conditions for the Falklands. The cruise before ours was not able to tender into the island. He seemed optimistic that we would be able to make it.

We went to the main dining room for breakfast. Chuck splurged on the steak and egg breakfast which has an upcharge.

After breakfast, Chuck went to the hot tub. I went to Jim’s presentation on the Falklands. I then watched the Cruise Director’s talk on Port Stanley that he gave yesterday but was now on the room television. We have a tour scheduled tomorrow but it doesn’t’ start until 11:00. I wanted to go early and walk around the town before the tour started so I wanted to hear his tips on what to do.

Since I wanted to be on an early tender tomorrow, I went by Guest Services to be sure I understood the process. In the past, 4 & 5 star mariners were told to go to a particular room to pick up our tender tickets (if we weren’t on a HAL tour) or wanted to go over before the tour started. However, on this trip, Guest Services confirmed that we would just show our room key at the Gangway and would be allowed to get on a tender without a ticket. I hope they were correct. Wouldn’t be the first time I’ve received incorrect information.

Once I met with Guest Services, I strolled a mile around the Promenade deck hoping I would see some dolphins or seals, but I didn’t.

Met Chuck at the Dive-In Hamburger/Hot dog place on the Lido deck near the pool. There is also a taco bar near this venue. We found a table near the pool. It was pleasant and people were sunning themselves. The ship had the cover partially open so a slight breeze could come in. When it is completely closed, the area can get stuffy. But at least you can still enjoy the area even when it is raining.

Statue at one end of Lido pool

I got a hotdog with fries and Chuck made himself a taco salad.

We spent a pleasant afternoon getting some sun and reading. The time passed quickly.

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A retired college administrator who loves to travel. I write to remember the experiences and, I hope, to inspire others to make their own travel memories.

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