Half Moon Cay, Bahamas

Thursday, March 9, 2023

Didn’t really feel like getting dressed up for the main dining room. Instead, we ate in Lido as they were featuring their NY strip steak. I’m not doing well this trip with food photos, but the steaks were very good.

Played some slots and blackjack and then went to the main stage show Alans in Cahoots. We both thought it was a very good magic and mentalist show.

Afterwards the day had caught up with us and we called it a night.

Didn’t have a great night. Our lotion dispenser in the bathroom sprung a leak and dripped lotion all over one of the hand towels that was on the sink. Was a slippery surprise when I picked the towel up to dry my hands. Glad it hadn’t dripped on the floor as that would have caused a nasty fall.

In addition to that issue, Chuck knocked over both of his water cans during the night off of his bed side table. The carpet was damp. I understand not selling plastic water bottles anymore but I don’t understand why the drink package includes the water in cans but not the water in the aluminum bottles.

At 7:00, I went to the Crow’s Nest to get coffee which is what I typically do in the mornings on HAL ships. When I got there, I was surprised they weren’t open. I then looked at my information and discovered that the Dutch Café opened at 6:30 and was serving coffee. The Crow’s Nest would not open until 8:00.

The Dutch Cafe is only available on the three Pinnacle Class ships, so it was an honest mistake, but I should have checked my information instead of assuming I knew what I was doing.

We chose to eat breakfast in the main dining room and was seated at a table for 2 by a window. I like to eat here on a sea day or a port day if we have no plans. But if we have an excursion, we order room service or grab something in the Lido.

We are at Half Moon Cay today and the large tender boats started at 7:00. Slightly overcast day. HMC has a beautiful beach and we’ve been over there several times for snorkeling, parasailing (they don’t offer it anymore), and just sunning on the beach but we’ve opted to just enjoy the ship today while most people are over there. The island can get quite crowded when there is more than one Carnival Corporation ship here but today, we are the only one.

The day went by quickly. We walked a mile around ship on the outside Promenade deck. We spent a couple of hours at the pool and then a late lunch in Lido.

After lunch, we relaxed in the shade of our balcony until time to get ready for the evening.

Travel Trivia

Half Moon Cay, Bahamas (Carnival Corporation’s private island)

Located in the Bahamas approximately 100 miles southeast of Nassau.

The 2400-acre island official name is Little San Salvador.

It was purchased by Holland America (Carnival’s subsidiary line) in 1996 for $6 million. It was acquired by Carnival Corporation when the Corporation purchased the Holland American line.

It features a 2-mile-long stretch of a white sandy beach curved outwards on each end forming a half moon shape, hence its name.

It is a wild bird preserve designated by the Bahamian National Trust

*Travel trivia provided by Wikipedia

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