Sea Day #1

Friday, March 10, 2023

I had resigned myself to having to stand in the Guest Services line to find out the details of our vow renewal. But before we left the room this evening, Arnold, the event planner, called me. He asked a few questions and then said that he would talk with the Captain and get back to me on the day and time. Would probably be a sea day in the evening. Works for us.

Played some slots and blackjack before attending the Mariner reception at 7:00. On other ships, it has been held in Crow’s Nest. Tonight, it was held by the pool in the Lido area. Three, four, five and President Club members receive invitations for this reception, and you are supposed to show your invitation or keycard to enter. In truth, nobody was checking either the invitation or keycard so you could just walk right through the area and enjoy the wine being served.

After the reception we went to dinner. The dining room was very busy, so we had to get a pager and wait out in the lobby area. I wish they would copy Carnival’s app that allows you to request a table through the app and then get a message when the table is ready – no matter where you are on the ship. Beats standing around in the lobby.

Eventually, we were escorted to a table in the upstairs dining room. That dining room is typically reserved for the early (5:00) and 8:00 (late) set dining people. I guess they had some empty tables because maybe people were eating in one of the upcharge restaurants that night.

I had the chicken and chorizo soup, and the Parmesan crusted chicken.

Chuck had the seafood deviled eggs, Boston lettuce salad, and salmon.

We had seen the Humanity show on the main stage, so we stopped to listen to the Rolling Stone Rock band before calling it an evening.

Woke up at a 7:00. Went back to the Dutch Cafe for coffee. They had already run out of large to go cups. Geez.

Gorgeous day today. Got an alert on the HAL Navigator app about not saving deck chairs. People get up early and throw a flip flop on a chair and then go about their business. When they come back, a few hours later, they expect the chair to still be ready for them. Rude.

We ate in the main dining room for breakfast again. Today we shared a table with two ladies from Canada. Nice conversation.

I then went to the Future Cruise presentation. Chuck had not yet decided about whether he was going to the Sea View pool or the Casino.

There were two cruises in 2025 I thought were interesting:

The Amazon Explorer – round trip Ft. Lauderdale – 28 days

Coral Triangle, Volcanos & Great Barrier Reef -roundtrip Singapore – 28 days

After the presentation, I decided to go to the Sea View deck for some sun. It was not to be. There was no seat to be had out there so I went up to the 10th deck.

The sun was so intense and there was no breeze that I only lasted an hour. Decided to spend the rest of afternoon in the shade on the balcony. That’s where Chuck found me after his session in the Casino.

Author: mmmtravelmemories

A retired college administrator who loves to travel. I write to remember the experiences and, I hope, to inspire others to make their own travel memories.

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